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Cookie And Kate How To Start A Food Blog Video

Cookie And Kate How To Start A Food Blog

Pinterest Pink Cake Box Cookies – In The Kitchen With Kate

Pinterest Pink Cake Box Cookies - In The Kitchen With Kate

Hey Guys!!! Today I am finally trying out a Pinterest baking hack!!!! I’ve wanted to try out these cake box cookies for a while now and when I got sent an American cake box mix I knew I had to give these a go! Let me know what other Pinterest hacks I should try!
I found the recipe on this blog… Check it out:

1 Box Strawberry Cake Mix
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil (120ml)
2 Eggs
2 cups White Chocolate Chips (350g)

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  • Heidi Heegle

    Lemon are my favorite!!! You can toss ball of the dough in powdered sugar before baking to make crinkle cookies.(lemon or chocolate) Have you ever made a dump cake??? My favorite is rhubarb-cherry!

  • Jennifer Malcom

    Never made them. Don't like white chocolate.

  • Gabriela Vasquez

    I've made these before but instead of white chocolate chips, I used mini M&Ms

  • Bernd Heghmanns

    Huhu from a puplic Hollyday in Germany it looks like that my pakege is comming today to your PO Box

  • librarygirl79

    I've never seen the Pink Velvet before. What does it taste like? I am American and usually use the strawberry mix for those cookies. I know you can use basically any cake mix though. Looks good!

  • Chris Hansen

    cute cookies like you! with pink i would think it has a tropical taste..? yeah i guess food coloring but with white chocolate i would think nuts is a good combo maybe walnuts or hazelnuts for extra crunch.

  • Bernd Heghmanns

    Hello ive seen some of your Videos before and i love your german Chrismas and the Ritter Sport challenge´so i allready packed a Box of Germann treats and i think monday  it will go to the post , so dont worry when you find a box from Germany in your P.O. 🙂 oh i saw you have a milka also 🙁 ok hmm so i think you will love the Lindt and merci in my box

  • Mary Chappel

    Wait…no cake mix in the UK?

  • Denny Michael

    They look delicious, Kate!!

  • liliesandbuttercups

    I make cake mix cookies all the time! I've used lots of different kinds of mixes and usually don't add chocolate chips. I'll have to try it with them!

  • Monique Mora

    Try the Funfetti cookies they are good too

  • glory bee

    My favorite recipe♡

  • Jana C

    I’ve always wanted to try those. I’m glad to hear that they are so yummy. I wonder how they’d do with lemon cake mix. Lemon cake is my fave. My Mama made a lemon pound cake that was to die for.

  • Byron Chandler

    Hi, sweet adorable Kate. Your pink cookies look simply adorable, just like you. What did you enjoy about making pink cookies? Have a good day, sweet adorable Kate. I am looking forward to your No Bake Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, sweetie. <3

  • holyspiritfirefall

    Hi Kate…its Jane! Another DELICIOUS and 'easy' recipe you have shared. Will be making these for Mothers Day in a couple weeks. My mom will LOVE these and I think I will too. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH…..was having a hard time thinking what I would make… just made it 'easy' for me…LOL! Have a GREAT weekend :o)

  • Jessica DeAlmeida

    Your pink cookies look so good! I make chocolate cookies with cake mix and they are delicious. I love using cake mix to make cookies because I love the texture of the cookies and they are super easy to make.

  • Carol Mierendorf

    Always loved cake box cookies

  • Laura Hayes

    No bake oatmeal chocolate drops are good. 🙂

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