How To Make Money Blogging About Video Games : Software Vs. Game Development: Where Is The Money?

How To Make Money Blogging About Video Games Video

How To Make Money Blogging About Video Games

Software Vs. Game Development: Where Is The Money?

Software Vs. Game Development: Where Is The Money?

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Software Vs. Game Development: Where Is The Money?

Software development is a big big world. Just like any other area, there are a lot of paths you can pursue, with a lot of different specializations and things to do.

One of the most common questions from newbie (and even experienced) developers is the difference between software and game development, especially when it comes to its career viability.

Where is the money? Can you actually make money as a game developer? Or should you pursue software development if you want to make money? What are the upsides and downsides of game development?

Watch this video and find out!

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  • Games Club

    what software do they use to create games and how do they combine all the stuff together like in a game development company there are many people working on different Computers.

  • Nizar Mukkannan

    My name is Akhil nazim. I am studying 12th commerce. I want to become game designer

  • Sandaru Rasanjana

    Hi Sonmez! (: I love your name :). I am Sandaru. I am currently studying computer programming for AI. I am 13 years old. I am also have learned a lot about web development. Anyway. My problem is this – I am currently learning programming but I feel that I am learning very slow. I needed to boost my learning speed. I want your advices for it…

  • AudCavalier

    At least in his country there is Software development, in my country 99% of programming jobs are web development (which I don’t feel passionate about, not even remotely interested)… so here I am just building portfolio while I climb up the school certifications ladder (also Machine Learning is WAAAY more interesting than web development for me, but again, no ML jobs at my country)

  • amjad af

    hey man i wanna follow computer science in college abroad but my only problem is when i finish college how can i find a job abroad because of factors like visa
    thank you i appreciate your response

  • Shahid Muneer

    You nailed it

  • Mehmed Çavaş

    oo he is from turkey like me^^

  • Pushpajit Biswas

    I'm really appreciate with you but I'm facing the same problem you have. I want to be a software engineer but I'm really passionate about game development or game programming.

  • Gaurav Pun

    I'm also 16 year old, I'm learning C# programming, and LevelDesign!

  • Ren Escar

    is this a guy who really know how to program or just a personal development coach?

  • Doki Doki Hamburger Club

    I can't ever agree with someone that tells you not to follow your passion. That's the most backwards advice I've ever heard.

  • Lifted Joshua

    No your advice is not the best if your dream is gaming chase it you would love it and if their no opportunities for you make your own opportunities

  • Noluyoz

    Doğukan is Turkish guy and he is right. I'm 22 and I'm at 3rd grade of Software Engineering in university. I'm training on Unity and Javascript but I'm worrying about game development and finding bussines in my country (Turkey). First of all Doğukan should learn English and find a way to go out of Turkey. That's my only suggestion.
    Doğukan İngilizceni tamamen geliştirmelisin ve yurt dışına çıkmaya odaklanmalısın eğer böyle bir hevesin varsa. En az 4 yıllık bilgisayar bilimlerinden birini okuman da gerekiyor yurt dışında ciddiye alınman için.

  • Andrew Parker

    If someone wants to work on game dev on the side what kind of job can you get that will allow you to have time to do that? From my experience it seems like weather you are at the top of the totem pole or the bottom everything requires %110 of your time.

  • vatsal patel

    Hey, I am 14 and stuck at 2 problems I have made games and also apps and know machine learning and A.I and raspberry pi I want to know what can I do in future and what are the positions of all the streams

  • Pedro G.V.

    Really good videos very helpfull for developers! thank you!
    A question, lets say you make a game or app. ¿How much money goes really to the developer? Because i see big companies buying apps or games, and make it big. But not so much of the programmer.

    Pdd: you could be Jon Berthnal brother! you would make big money in hollywood XD

  • Johannes Ginthaburg

    Definitely not worth it for game dev for me, the work is incredibly complicated yet someone working at AirBnB writing ass javascript is making a lot more than you. I don't see the point.. Interview process at some of these companies is incredibly broken and time consuming too (here's looking at you, Epic Games).

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