How To Make Money Blogging On Squarespace : Squarespace websites – The Photographer’s Secret Weapon!

How To Make Money Blogging On Squarespace Video

How To Make Money Blogging On Squarespace

Squarespace websites – The Photographer’s Secret Weapon!

Squarespace websites - The Photographer's Secret Weapon!

How to quickly & easily create a Squarespace website. In this video I explain how I built my Squarespace photography portfolio website in a matter of hours.

As a professional photographer visual quality and the presentation of my work is paramount – in this tutorial I reveal my most important photography website requirements. I demonstrate how the Squarespace website system answers all my questions but also makes life easier by handling all the technical stuff I don’t need to know!

With never ending technological and Internet advancements (not to mention the ever changing way in which we all browse the Internet), it’s absolutely crucial your website portfolio is up to speed. I don’t know about you but in the past my website concerns have been things like:-

* How quickly can I add more images and galleries to my site?
* How big do I need to make my photos before uploading to my portfolio?
(I don’t want images too small, yet again I don’t want to break the Internet with file sizes that take an eternity to download.)
* What happens next time Google does an update – will my website disappear from the search engine listings?
* How will my website look on new mobile devices?
* How do I change my website design? – Do I need to pay a website developer again?
* Will my website developer be on holiday next time I need help?

Luckily, Squarespace answered all my website worries – and passed them with flying colors! Watch this tutorial where I reveal all this and also show you the design interface and many of the other functions that make this simply the best and most efficient website platform for creative portfolios.

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  • Adnan Alam

    How much to pay?

  • Ionna Photography

    Hi! Does Squarespace offer right-click/image grab protection?

  • Matthew Adams

    Basically sold before i've finished watching! Have to say your work looks incredible too, cheers for this.

  • Jan-Peter Mohwinkel

    Can I use any template for my photography page, or is it better to use a design made for photography?

  • Alexandr Cotiuc

    How can we trust you if you use the mouse with your left hand?! Just kidding thank you for the video it answered all of my questions.

  • Steinar Steffensen

    Hi Karl, thanks for great info on how to use Wells from Squarespace.
    Interesting videos.
    Found the answers for how to making your new awesome frontpage in your Squarespace in another video…
    Subscribed 👍🏻😎

  • krishnan srinivasan

    Nice & Thank you 🙂

  • jtillard1

    Karl Great Show very informative .. I was hoping you would cover printing of your images. Last I knew Squarespace did not offer a print service to cover that aspect of ecommerce .. Can you incorporate a lab service within your web site or how best to handle getting the order filled and prints delivered for someone who does not do their own printing!! Love your stuff and have watched a lot of them, always right on the money and great information! Thanks so much. JATillard, Spring Hill, FL, USA

  • jonathan leonard

    Hi Karl
    Can you help? I currently have a Wix site which I am looking to change to Squarespace two questions do I need to pay for the site and for my domain name? Or just one price per month? Also if I change my template will my address change? I have read some reviews that the customer service from them is not good, why is your experience with them

    Thanks Karl

  • Thiago da Cunha

    Hello Karl, what monitor are you using here? Is it good for retouching?

  • Ville Productions

    Thanks, awesome content!

  • Swizzieland

    Thank you so much, very informative…

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