How To Make Money Blogging Philippines : Expat living – How we make money in the Philippines

How To Make Money Blogging Philippines Video

How To Make Money Blogging Philippines

Expat living – How we make money in the Philippines

Expat living - How we make money in the Philippines

Responding to a lot of questions on the channel as to how Ave and I make money living on the beautiful island of Palawan – Philippines. We explain how we bring in monthly revenue and also what are our future plans to continue our way of life here.

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  • WiFi Laptop Lifestyle

    If you still looking for something you should check this out click I been doing it and find it very interesting you got nothing to lose hope to see you in Philipines I be going to Balut Island Davao Del Sur

  • Aguijon1982

    Dumb and misleading video

  • Swedish American

    @Federico Baena, tell us how being with a Filipina is a trap? I could not ask for a more loyal and loving wife. Filipina's are competent, smart and hard working. My wife is a registered nurse.

    Your comment was offensive.

  • Swedish American

    1. Sari Sari store.
    2. Restaurant or a food kiosk.
    3. Livestock. Raising pigs, chickens or goats.

    All three of these businesses work together. Your livestock and Sari Sari store will provide meat and dry goods your restaurant needs. None of these require massive capital.

  • Kilnmaster

    foreigners cannot earn any money in any foreign country unless you get the proper documents, work visas, legal business. Shut up please and stop talking…bragger, and nobody gives a f.

  • Michael White

    I sell Energy Efficiency products for HVAC/R, have a corporation and my wife has sole proprietor company, we need distributors if you have your work visa or permanent resident visa

  • batchboy999

    Good luck! Even if you could work there as a foreigner the pay is $1/hour.
    Maybe something via the net could be remunerative?

  • Larry Bishop

    What do you not understand about what he has said? He told you he has rental investments that give him 50/60% of his income and he also has saved enough savings for 1 year of livings expenses and then after that he still has some savings. He is looking for a business now. Can you understand that? He also stated he is not going to tell us his business ideas. Nothing wrong with that as I would not tell my idea either. Hope I helped you out as you cetrtainly needed help.

  • Vernon Traynor

    Talk talk talk

  • James J

    I already listened to a few US guys that said a business in the Philippines is useless because the Philippine people are mostly poor. My attention span is about 1 minute since I never heard u get there it is baloney. You have rental property that brings in your bacon plus savings. You will be broke soon! My two cents!

  • sips industrial

    Waited 10 mins for the punch line but never showed !!!

  • VentionMGTOW

    I wouldn't even consider making a move like that unless I'm financially ready. I'm nearly there

  • Jeff Lamb

    Another thing about a Sari Sari Store. The way that usually goes is Friends and Relatives expect to buy on credit, but the problem is quite often they dont pay their Tab. pretty soon all of your capitol is out on credit to people that will never pay back. Most Filipinos don't understand business, I have seen many times that they treat the money that they bring in each day as profit and it gets spent, Pretty soon they have no money to re-stock product. A Sari Sari Store has very little profit and most of the ones that I have seen fail was because of extending credit.

  • Jeff Lamb

    A good business would be Mini storage units.Many expats live in P I 6 or 8 Months per year

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