How To Make Money Craft Blogging : How to Price your Items for Craft Fairs or Online Sites like Etsy

How To Make Money Craft Blogging Video

How To Make Money Craft Blogging

How to Price your Items for Craft Fairs or Online Sites like Etsy

How to Price your Items for Craft Fairs or Online Sites like Etsy

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Hey Everyone! This is a simple little video answering a common question that I get about how to price your items for sale at craft fairs or online sites like Etsy. Hope you can take away some useful tips!

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  • Emily Zeigler

    Melanie I always REALLY appreciate your videos! Thank you so much for this! Price points have been something I've really struggled with!

  • malarie 4119

    My problem is that some people think my items are over priced i have crocheted washclothes granny squared and I spent 4 for the yarn and i can make 3 with one ball of yarn I spend about an hour making one so in trying to sell them for 7 each just to make a profit off of it


    Forget it! It takes all the creativity and fun out of it.

  • Rebecca Barr

    Yes, very helpful! Thanks so much for covering this!

  • Lucy Havrilla

    Thank you Melanie for the great advice and hints. Also I love your channel and tutorials!!!!

  • Karen Dunlap

    My afghans usually use about $60 worth of yarn and take 40 hrs to complete… then I see other sellers offering similar things for $35 … you're right, I was laid off and this is not a hobby for me!

  • Jackie Sharp

    Doesn't happen. Nobody pays $20 for tat like that. I have a very successful business and I turn over £50k a year and I STILL can't factor in my time. I would price myself out of the market. None of us will get rich from doing this.

  • Natasha Green

    I don’t charge for my time or Petrol or stall fees.
    All my Melt & Pour Soaps are $2 – $4
    Votives are $5.50
    Melts $5
    Bubble bath bomb Sand 200g $4
    Jojoba & Almond Dry hands Treatment Stick 30g $4
    Lines Away Treatment Balm starts at $3 – $8
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    There is a Essential Oil that those on Antidepressants, Warfarin, Heart & Blood Pressure Medications Cannot have as well as Elderly People.
    Don’t Google it – GET QUALIFIED

  • Jessica Richardson

    Super helpful. Thanks for explaining why we need to double for retail! I’ve never actually heard anyone explain the reason for doing this.

  • Melissa Barden

    When taking photos of your projects to sell is there a way, other than a water mark, to keep others from using that pic to "print" their own project?
    I do vinyl work on signs & fabric as well as abstract art on canvas. Very new to selling theses projects

  • Mizz Sa

    Hi is the pouch in this video still selling? Love it!! Thx

  • Gloria Sassybaker17

    How do you price your crochet blankets?

  • OXOX

    Sorry, have to disagree. Your pricing formula does not allow for profit. You're merely trading dollars for hours: cost of materials plus your hourly wage. Your prices absolutely MUST include a profit for your business if you intend to operate this as a business. Don't confuse your cost of labor with your business profit. If you're doing this simply as a hobby perhaps materials + hours is okay but don't fool yourself that you're running business. Also, apparently you're paying retail for your materials: buying lots of 30 zippers hardly qualifies you for a real wholesale rate and this may result in pricing yourself out of the market. $20 for this simple fabric folder is a bit much. You'd probably be better off having these made in China or Pakistan (in my experience, Pakistani workmanship on fabric items is much better than Chinese).

  • Jennifer Wong

    A quick pricing formula is 3.5 x the cost of materials. If your product costs $4 to make you would charge $14.00

  • Amazigh Studio

    Numbers mean something in sales I heard like if it has 98 or 99 at the end it means final sale.

  • EmpoweredladyRuth

    Good Video! do you have a website? I can make you one if not. Please let me know so we can work on that and if you have one and would like to redesign we can do that as well! t. It's good to create that online presence for your business.

  • Gemma Weirs

    I won't work for an hourly rate. I'll only work for a salary.

    In a micro business, the owner is juggling different roles. For that reason alone, the owner needs to be paying themselves a SALARY which is more than enough to compensate for all the work, the time and energy that goes into doing their job. Because their job normally isn't just to make stuff to sell. Their job usually includes marketing, sales, creating stuff to sell, packing, P.O. runs, researching, managing, outsourcing, resourcing, learning, number-crunching, strategizing, and much more. If they were doing all of that in someone else's business (assuming they live in a 1st world country AND has enough self respect), there's no way they'll accept low pay. Nor should they.

    You're in the business of handmade items, NOT mass production. Perhaps I'm simplifying things a bit here, but the basic idea is this: pick the right demographic, preferably one with much deeper pockets and a higher appreciation of handmade, do the branding/marketing correctly, and put out the best quality that you can (that's everything, the product, the brand, marketing, customer service, etc). Lower pricing does not speak high quality to people who KNOW high quality. 😉

    For this reason, I refuse to do the whole multiply costs by 3 shiz, or the "pay myself a tenner a hour" biz. It doesn't work out in my book.

    (BTW I love as an example.)

  • Daisy Reyes

    How would I price the thread I use on an item?

  • Angela Handeland

    I think more videos on selling online or craft fairs would be very helpful.

  • Pamela Sherman

    Thanks for the info. How do you use Utube to sell your products?

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