How To Make Money Political Blogging : What Is Steemit & Why You Should Join – Make Money Blogging! (with Stephen Kendal)

How To Make Money Political Blogging Video

How To Make Money Political Blogging

What Is Steemit & Why You Should Join – Make Money Blogging! (with Stephen Kendal)

What Is Steemit & Why You Should Join - Make Money Blogging! (with Stephen Kendal)

Josh Sigurdson talks with derivatives and blockchain expert Stephen Kendal about the future of social media in the cryptoworld, Steemit that is!

Steemit is the most exciting development in the social media world to date and not just that! Steemit is the most exciting development in cryptocurrency to date!

No it is not a ponzi scheme as people ignorantly insinuate. You don’t have to put money into either STEEM or SBD (the cryptocurrencies powering Steemit). You can simply make an account and post, growing from zero to unthinkably high numbers.

Stephen Kendal started at zero and is now above ,000.

Josh Sigurdson started at zero in August, putting most of the work into Steemit in the past three months and is now up to 00.

As YouTube demonetizes and censors content creators, Facebook and Twitter censor the message of those who oppose the political and banking establishment. Steemit is the answer!

Stephen breaks down what you need to know about Steemit, his projections for its future and answers concerns regarding the incredible platform.

The untapped potential demand is incredible and it will only continue to grow! We are on the groundfloor of history and there’s no signs of this growth slowing down! It all comes down to free market individual demand. People are turning against the fiat empire. People are showing their lack of faith in the worthless centrally planned currency and it’s spreading through all facets of life. The innovation of freedom is producing dividends of excellent ideas. This will only continue expanding! It’s a beautiful thing.

You can find us on Steemit at @JoshSigurdson and @StephenKendal!

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Stephen Kendal
Josh Sigurdson

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  • BackToConstitution

    I tried to join Steem and they wouldn't allow me, because I can't receive a text message! I have MagicJack and they don't accommodate their users with text ability! Did Dan Larimer think of this? Why hasn't someone thought of it? They want to verify my email, so instead of sending me an email, they require me to have text capability on my MagicJack? This social network has a ways to go! I'm sure others have complained about this and still NOTHING is done? Whatsamatta YOU!

  • Gail Becker

    Thank you for sharing this information, I am trying to learn as much as I can.

  • Ed Ca

    is it easy to Sell like Half of your amount? or just 1% a week? can you set a Limit order ?


    Stephen Kendal, very good author on steemit, following him

  • Felix E.

    You do realize that explanation is total jibberish (from a financial analysis POV). WATCH OUT ! ! !

  • Ewa Nowakowska

    Guys, I signed up for this steemit. It looks like something from 1992, hard to use, unclear, hard to navigate, has no basic functions used on social sites these days, and you can feel that many entries are written for money/steem only and sound artificial. Is his ever going to get out of beta stage ? Does this have any real interest? Because I have not seen there a natural converstaion and some fore look like advertisment spaces. It looked the same half a year ago when I looked there for the first time and did not know what to do on it. Are you seriously going to conquer the world with it ??

  • leftslayer

    hey Josh, have you heard at the us border they're trying to get people to disclose their bit coin accounts if they're are over 10,000 dollars …David at money gps just did a video on this…hmmm

  • Patricia Burns

    How do you spend the money; does it go into your bank?

  • Patricia Burns

    How do you get to Steemit?

  • leftslayer

    good video thanks

  • Unknown

    Just got a steemit account and this is so true :

    What do you think about this steemit problem?

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