How To Make Money With A Real Estate Blog : 5 LOW-COST Ways To Start Real-Estate Investing

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How To Make Money With A Real Estate Blog

5 LOW-COST Ways To Start Real-Estate Investing

5 LOW-COST Ways To Start Real-Estate Investing

Getting started in real-estate investing can be mind difficult both mentally and financially. There’s a myriad of people attempting to sell you things, join courses, and buy books. BUT these are going to be timeless ways to get started, gain experience, and start real-estate investing!

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Bird dogging
Bird dogging is a cool way of saying “selling someone a lead”. It’s very simple:

You find someone that wants to sell a house that’s investment worthy
Find a buyer
Set an agreed upon referral fee
Have the attorney cut you a referral fee/check at closing
Bird dogging is great because it’s low risk, cost no money, AND YOU WILL MEET other investors.

But aren’t you afraid the real-estate investor will cut you out of the deal?

Here’s what I’ve found about real-estate investors: Most of them are wealthy business people and are ethical. Having a very fearful view of people is going to land you no where and you need to trust people.

2. Becoming a real-estate agent and working with investors

A real-estate agent is almost like an expensive, more regulated bird dog. Becoming a real-estate agent can be a fantastic way to get into investing because:

You’re required to pass a real-estate course that will teach you tremendous amount about investing
You will be around other investors
You will see deals EVERYDAY and be able to distinguish a good from bad
If you choose you can build a clientele base around investors and even get into commercial real-estate
You’ll have all the tools a real-estate agent has and can you that to find deals

3. Wholesaling

I’m not a wholesaler, but wholesaling can be a great way to find deals and network with other investors. Wholesaling is when you put a property under contract and sell it to another investor.

Hang out we buy houses signs
Set up an investor carrot lead page
Cold call absentee owners
Send out mailers

4. Building a buyers list

Building a buyers list is a fancy way of saying “email marketing for real-estate”. Email marketing is one of the most POWERFUL ways to gain exposure, sell deals, and network with people. Imagine having a database of hundreds of investors to call whenever you have a deal to wholesale or market. Imagine being a commercial broker and being able to send a multi family property to hundreds of people.

Ask people out at your REA “Want to join my buyers list?”
Hit people up on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook
Content market and create a Youtube channel for Investors

5. Starting a blog, Youtube, and/or some form of content marketing

This is a weird one that many people don’t take into consideration. You don’t need to be a huge investor, old timer, and/or some famous person to make money in the real-estate investing realm.

Develop a new way of cold calling absentee owners
Teach people how to rank for keywords like “sell my house fast”
Develop a tutorial on how to find multi family owners
All of these things will encourage you to stay in the real-estate investing space, develop new skills, and network with other real-estate investors. In fact, the other day someone who had seen me on Youtube called and told me they had a multi family deal!

I make around 0 a month from my online presence and it’s not even that big! Blogging about real-estate investing can be a great way to get started in real-estate investing.

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