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How To Start A Blog Alex



My eldest little boy Ethan is starting school (reception year) full time in September and it’s going to be such a big change for all of us, especially after having such a lovely Summer all together.

We’ve been doing a few things over the last few weeks to help prepare Ethan for school and also just to generally get ready and I thought I would share it in a video. I really can’t believe that the summer holidays are nearly already over. Do you have a little one starting school or nursery soon?

Thank you for watching. ♡
Alex xo

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Hi I’m Alex! I started writing a blog back in 2013 as a way to capture my thoughts, feelings and emotions as I married my childhood sweetheart and we had our first child. I’m now a Mum of two little boys (Ethan & Logan) and I’ve continued writing, photographing and videoing ever since as a way to remember all of the little details that make up this amazing journey of Motherhood.

I am a part of Channel Mum, a community of super friendly, real Mums on YouTube who like to share the honest face of parenting. You can catch up with our videos and find out what we’re all about over at


  • Mew The Roomba

    9 to 3 school, lucky! My school starts at 7:30, and ends at 2:30. And I have to get up at 6. At least it's summer rn…

  • Carlie Faith

    Aww good luck to Ethan starting school! ❤️

  • Channel Mum

    We loved these ideas and tips, Alex. The list of things you need to prepare for is so handy! x

  • Janine Dolan

    Dreading this. Matthew has absolutely ZERO patience when it comes to putting on his shoes. He doesn't know how to do it. It's hard in fairness. I am ALWAYs putting on his shoes. So yeah next Thursday is going to be a lot of fun… not haha
    The only thing he can actually do it put on his coat. They learnt this in creche. Put the coat on the floor and pick it up and they flick it over their back. Looks super easy.
    Clothes he is not able to put on himself either. Never mind buttons. In fact I have never bought trousers with buttons for that reason xx

  • Gemma Jade

    I don't want Jack to grow up and be at school 😱 So scary xx

  • Princess Rainbow Rose

    I wish my daughters school gave me that paperwork would of been so helpful

  • S Fxoxo

    Loved this. My girl is starting reception aswell in september! Shes excited. We have those same labels aswell, so quick and easy! I also have my little boy starting pre school in september too! So lots of changes for us! Is Logan starting pre school anytime soon? Love your channel xx

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