How To Start A Blog Group : Why Our First Blog Failed… 5 Reasons + How To Prevent It From Happening to YOU

How To Start A Blog Group Video

How To Start A Blog Group

Why Our First Blog Failed… 5 Reasons + How To Prevent It From Happening to YOU

Why Our First Blog Failed... 5 Reasons + How To Prevent It From Happening to YOU

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  • Swati Ohri

    Hi Mate, Thanks for the genuine content. I am right now quite confused with my niche , it's about self development, I like reading about inspiration stories and motivational stuff but I don't know how to monetize it. I have adsense but I have a very few readers coming on my blog, and I personally feel that just waiting for people to click the ads is a lot of my efforts going in vain. what other monetization methods would you suggest for this niche?As you are in blogging industry for a long time, what do you suggest, how is the self development niche to make a full time income with?

  • No Rules

    I looooooove your Channel 😘😘

  • lawson Elijah

    Thank you for this. However, I'm still struggling to grow blog traffic. We post quality contents, its been over a year now

  • Miss Lavendeh

    This is really helpful, so thank you

  • Military Spouse 2 Spouse

    Yup! Great advice. Thanks!!

  • Paul Salvador

    a little sound effects and an upbeat background music may help for attention span. great content btw 🙂

  • Imran Siddiqui

    omg, again a #greatGuy helped me for an innovative idea for my blog.. wonderful

  • Deanna Henry

    What an imission statement

  • smokin21able

    Thank you for this information I was only thinking about myself teaching not how I could help others.

  • Cecilia Pinto

    Thanks for the info…

  • ratna chakraborty

    loved it😵!!!!!!!!! specifically the laid back personality👏👏 and also the organization.👦✌

  • Whitetail Poet

    Hi. My blog is story-telling, creative writing & photography in the bow hunting & outdoor space. Its been up a couple months and am getting the feel for it. How do I 'Sell' product, when the value I bring is creative writing? Thanks, your videos are very helpful. David.

  • Philip G

    Thanks mate, I appreciate the video. After many failed blogs I think I’m ready to start the good one. Cheers!

  • Nina Reyes

    Right now binge watching all of your videos. I'm a Stay at home mom, 24 and ive been thinking about starting a blog this year. I took the test on pinterest of what would be my niche and i git personal/lifestyle blog which is actually what i was thinking of doing. Im always trying new things with the kids, food etc etc so it'd be a nice start but eventually i would think of monetizing it so i could have a little cash. Im not looking to make $10,000 mo but even $200 a month is more than i have not working lol. What would be your advise to a serious newbie who has no idea what shes doing 😂😂😂

  • Freedom Formula

    Good stuff – can't wait for the next one! –Evan

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