How To Start A Blog Guardian : Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk

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Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk

Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.


  • dorgesh

    "We're all human we can make mistakes", Elon's thinking shit I shouldn'tve smoked that blunt

  • Bárður Joensen

    "If a lot of people loved each other, the world world be a better place to live" – Johnny

  • JThorp

    "I'm to stupid for this conversation"
    That kind of honesty is why I like Joe Rogan so much.

  • MrDeothor

    some guys just know how to make money, they just… can smell the veins of money. All while having fun making jokes. Being dumb and poor is really sad.

  • Carlapse

    hey, life on Earth is actually based on CO2 assimilation by autotrophic organisms like plants, so the easy and sustainable method of CO2 sequastration is to plant forests, the best engine for fixing CO2 and produce valuable resource for construction matrials and biofuels, biocomposites or polymers.

  • Sean Wilson

    One major difference between Elon and your average person, is that Elon pauses to think about what he's saying before he speaks.

  • Justin Santos

    Imma say it because I’m behind a screen and joe ain’t, but Elon Musk comes off as an idiot on how he speaks ! If I ran into this guy not knowing how he looked I would fuckin ignore this retard. I mean common the first 5 mins of the interview he didn’t answer joes questions and then talked about a pit and literally repeated what he said 10 times over ! He was annoying the fuck out of me on how he responds. Like hommie never went to a communications class but built billion dollar companies lol . Fuck it

  • Abe

    Saving this to show to my future kids (Sep 16, 2018)

  • Carl Marcus

    My qestion is still why don't Elon like motorcycles.

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