How To Start A Blog In Nigeria : Blogging in Nigeria Tag with Allison (Part 2)

How To Start A Blog In Nigeria Video

How To Start A Blog In Nigeria

Blogging in Nigeria Tag with Allison (Part 2)

Blogging in Nigeria Tag with Allison (Part 2)

This is part 2 of Blogging in Nigeria Tag with Mr Allison of – @Robbinson3d
Be sure to checkout his channel:

and watch the Part 1 of this video:

Sisiyemmie and Tosin Alade tagged All Nigerian Bloggers to either do a text or video version answering 15 questions.

We’re also tagging any Nigerian Blogger watching this – The questions are super easy, just have fun with it:

1. Name of your blog.
2. Why did you start blogging
3. Are you a full time blogger.
4. What you know now that you wish you knew then.
5. Challenges of blogging in Nigeria
6. How much was your first paid ad/ anything.
7. How is the Nigerian blogosphere.
8. What’s your family’s response to you blogging knowing the Nigerian culture with staple jobs.
9. Message to Nigerian brands.
10. Plans for your blog.
11. Perks of blogging in Nigeria.
12. Do you think blogging should be a career path?
13. What do you hope for the future of blogging in Nigeria…
14. Have you ever been copy righted/stolen from someone
15. Do you feel fulfilled blogging.

I Would love to see your tag videos so send me a link when you upload.

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  • jameso61

    But your on YouTube for the wrong reasons, you won't be successful with the mind frame and the money hunger…. it's not all snout money especially in Nigeria you will be waiting a very long time 😏, do it cause you love it 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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