How To Start A Blog Nz Free : Archery in Methven – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

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Archery in Methven – New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

Archery in Methven – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year – Backpacker Guide New Zealand

Day 209: Today we’re doing one of the world’s oldest sports in the most stunning location! We’re doing archery in the Terrace Downs Resort near Methven! Join us for this New Zealand archery experience!

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— About this video —

It’s Robin’s birthday! So as a special birthday treat we are doing archery in New Zealand! One of the most stunning archery locations in New Zealand has to be with Newzengland at the Terrace Downs Resort in Windwhistle. This archery activity is located near the little town of Methven New Zealand.

After some birthday celebrations we head to the Terrace Downs Resort and meet Neil from Newzengland who is going to teach us how to sling a bow and arrow in the pine forest. It’s a true Robin Hood experience.

If you’re looking for where to do archery in New Zealand then archery in Methven is worth considering. This archery in the South Island experience is a great place to learn how to do archery while doing some fun challenges. It makes a great thing to do in Methven.

So what do you think of archery in New Zealand? Would you give it a go? LUK in the comments!

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— New Zealand Biggest Gap Year —

365 Days: 365 Activities

BackpackerGuide.NZ is New Zealand’s biggest online travel guide for adventure and budget travel in New Zealand. Join us, as the team behind BackpackerGuide.NZ, Robin and Laura, update the travel guide while taking on 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand! It’s New Zealand’s Biggest Gap Year! We release new videos of the New Zealand backpacking adventure every single day, as well as New Zealand travel tips and 360 videos every Sunday so start making your New Zealand bucket list!

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  • Anna Witter

    Oy!!! Cheer up! You got loads of fun years ahead. I hated my twenties, thirties were better and 40's my best years to date. Think my 60's will be evn better! You dont get older, you get better!

  • Unofficial Bucket List Family

    Happy birthday Robin!!! I love Remii that is suck a fun game…I guess old lol 😂

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