How To Start A Blog Youtube Channel : Getting Over your Fear of Starting Youtube | CHANNEL NOTES

How To Start A Blog Youtube Channel Video

How To Start A Blog Youtube Channel

Getting Over your Fear of Starting Youtube | CHANNEL NOTES

Getting Over your Fear of Starting Youtube | CHANNEL NOTES

Hey! It’s been a second – life gets busy 🙂

This video is all about overcoming the fear to start youtube – we’ve all been there. I talk a little bit about the most common reasons people are too scared to actually kick off on youtube, and how to overcome your fears and get started.


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  • Stephine AsIam

    I already have a youtube channel with a ton of videos on them. I recently got inspiration to do it again. Should I start over ( just because there are already a few people following me and I don't know if I can deal with the comments) or should I start over ( because the topics I want to speak on are more self love and growth topics and don't feel the people on the first channel would respond to the videos positively)

  • Indra Keliuotis

    how do you get the background blurry?

  • jazayer fehola

    God God bellet 😍

  • jay G

    This is great advice because I am definitely a scaredy cat lol

  • Grace Dizon

    Thank you for discussing everything that I’m scared of. I got motivated by your videos and I’m planning to start youtube for real now ☺️💗 thank you so much!

  • bushman fitness

    Thanks. You really like white dont you. Like a polar bear.

  • Merisa Jane

    thanks for the tips! just staring out, who wants to be friends?

  • Robyn Dalton hair makeup

    this video is helping me out a lot and you seem to know a lot about starting a YouTube page and to overcome fear for starting a YouTube page

  • Jamila Xox

    This is super helpful. I was so scared to upload my first video, but after watching this and some other videos, it gave me a lot of confidence. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Simply_ Me

    Thankyou so much for this video !! I posted my first ever video on YouTube a few week ago but I took it down just because I kind of freaked out , having had a lot of these fears. I think I’ll repost it. Thanks again for this video 🙏💞

  • Alston Ke

    I recently started to think about start a youtube channel, but English is my second language and I'm not sure what to talk about in the video are the things stopping me starting the channel

  • Mommy K

    great video, very helpful 😊

  • George K. Chamoun

    Hello, I know you have lots of subscribers. But, your voice is unclear, and the quality of sound is very bad. Slow down, so people can understand you.

  • Robyn Dalton makeup fashion

    you are so awesome and fun to watch

  • Nick Edwin

    I am so ugly… that's my biggest problem

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