How To Start A Blog Zoella : Anxiety Q&A | Zoella

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How To Start A Blog Zoella

Anxiety Q&A | Zoella

Anxiety Q&A | Zoella

I answer some of your questions related to Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Hope you find this helpful
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  • Ella Rose

    breathing technique called 3, 4, 5. in for 3, hold for 4, out for 5

  • Molly Anne

    Thank You so much Zoe, you've made me feel much better! I suffer from Social Anxiety which means I feel intimidated in public, especially when I'm talking to people I don't know. I'm too scared to tell anyone, I mean…of course I have told my mum, but I've only told one of my friends. She helped me and made me feel safe and reassured. She's the only friend I could really ask for. After many months of going online. and finding videos (like this) and watching them, I felt much better in myself and I felt much more confident! I was in my room for hours a day, and I would watch them because I was desperate to get over this anxiety! I would come home from school, get a snack, go upstairs, do my homework, change into comfy clothes, and watch videos! My mum used to worry about me because I was in my room for hours a day, and I would stay in my house when my parents, friends or family went out because of my anxiety! :/ After months of watching videos…I decided to put it on my Instagram and tell my story! All of my friends were so supportive and no one let me down! I was glad that I put it out there that I suffer from Social Anxiety. I've started going out more, BUT I only go out with friends, family etc. I don't go out on my own, I have to have someone with me cause as I said, I don't like talking to people ON MY OWN!!! I still suffer from Anxiety, and when I'm having a panic attack I can't breathe, I cry, I go to a completely different planet, and I don't know where I am. It tires me out and Stresses me out. I've never been judged, so far, about it and I hope I never have to go through that. I'm too scared to even pay for something on my own…I mean???? I'm always with someone in public, and I'm never on my own! My mum, or the person who's with me, will have to come to the till with me and pay with me! :/ I sometimes wake up at like 2am, and I can't breathe! It just comes out of nowhere!!! My panic attacks are horrible, and I had my first one at the start of Year 6. :/ No one is alone!! Panic Attacks are awful, but you will always have someone to talk too!!! 😀

  • shootthemoonvideo

    You're not alone with the anxiety and panic attacks

  • WindyShows

    I have anxiety and sometimes panic attacks too. My teeth chatter, I shake and I have a REALLY right throat. <3 I have always been more anxious than my friends, before my Year 6 trip, I was probably the only Year 6 who was terrified of the trip (it was my first residential). In Year 7, I went on another residential and I was terrified, ending up crying to my friends and holding their hands and literally thinking, “I CAN’T do this!”. And to top that off, I am terrified (and I literally mean *terrified*) of spiders, vomiting, rollercoasters, injections, surgery and dangerous machines (like a fretsaw or a line bender).

  • Ylva Borg

    My anxiety is so bad that I can’t even be too close (when there’s too many people) when my whole family is over like my cousins, grandparents aunts and uncles. I just have four cousins, three grandparents (one of my granddads died in 2014) and two aunts and two uncles and no one of them know that I have anxiety (I think)

  • Emoji Lover

    I suffer from anxiety, depression, low self esteem. I’m in high school so it’s very hard to deal with at school. One of my worst panic attacks was actually at school and I had to leave lesson, a teacher told my friend to come with me to the school nurse. On the way I fainted down concrete stairs. They couldn’t catch me in time so I fell most of the way. And when I woke up I had another panic attack that I’d rlly injured myself. I have lots of other physical health conditions so it’s a lot easier for me to faint during a panic attack. Music has rlly helped me, but British you tubers also have. Like joe, Zoe, Alfie, Caspar, Marcus and all of their friends. They’ve rlly helped me a lot 😊

  • BTS_ _Army

    How do I tell my parents and ask foe help? My parents don't believe me about this stuff. They think I'm doing it for attenchion?

  • Unknown Person11

    I had a panic attack in my maths lesson and it was horrible! My hands started to get sweaty, everything got blury, I felt dizzy and started crying. I ran up to my teacher and asked her to go to the bathroom and although I looked like I was about to die, she said no. I was littering bawling my eyes out! It was so scary and I was stuck in a classroom. All eyes were on me. I’m only 13, people my age don’t understand how bad it is. In the end, i ran to the bathroom even though I wasn’t allowed to. I really wish people would understand.

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  • kayla mandza

    Wow you described how I feel, I thought I was alone. Ppl tell me all the time it's in your head, well I know that but it's hard to control it

  • Jemmaaa

    i don’t know if I have anxiety or not ,but in certain situations I get worried and worked up and start to panic

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