How To Start A Craft Blog : How to Start a Handmade Business (craft business)

How To Start A Craft Blog Video

How To Start A Craft Blog

How to Start a Handmade Business (craft business)

How to Start a Handmade Business (craft business)

In this overview of How to Start a Handmade Business, I share what you need to think about, research and evaluate before starting up a handmade | craft business.

It’s not as easy having products, that you want to sell online. But this video will give you an overview to help research further. Got any question, share them in the comments

************************** Start of Video**************************

Time:0.00 – Opening words about starting a handmade | craft business

1 – Time:0.30 – Your idea into a business

2 – Time:1.10 – Finding your items online

3 – Time:1.55 – Choosing your business name

4 – Time:2.55 – Found a name, time to confirm it

5 – Time:3.06 – How to find your target market

6 – Time:3.31 – Getting paid

7 – Time:3.40 – Setting up your shop online

8 – Time:4.31 – Showcasing your product images

9 – Time:5.05 – Keyword Research

10 – Time:5.40 – Pricing your products

11 – Time:6.10 – Legal Stuff

12 – Time:6.35 – Accounts

13 – Time:6.59 – Repetition

Time:7.25 – Closing words – Subscribe – Share Thanks for Watching..

************************** End of Video**************************

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  • Long Champ

    Setting up a business is easy, getting people to buy from you is the hardest part!

  • Fiah Jinsüi

    Made me feel so comfortable bout startin my business i was doubting myself a little.. thank you so much 😘♥️

  • Brian Jackson

    Theses craft videos are Not tips on how to start a (Craft business) more so tips on how to hustle I never hear ppl talk about the tax and bookkeeping ect or what type of business structure

  • LoveEmpress5

    To The moon…! Wow! How Wonderful Of You! So Clear. So Concise. You Made Starting A Business Sound So Easy And Comfortable! And If THAT Wasn't Enough, You Said, "ENJOY Your Business!" I Got A Huge LoveVibe With That! ~That Is A Green Light For Me! I Am Most Appreciative I Came Across Your Video! Thank You!

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