How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle Blog : 5 Ways to START a Healthy Lifestyle

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle Blog Video

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle Blog

5 Ways to START a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Ways to START a Healthy Lifestyle

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  • stephyclaws

    I love your positivity xx

  • country girl

    I became one of your subscribers about a year ago. You are such a ray of sunshine, you have definitely made me believe that all things really are possible! Love You

  • Suzanne Elizabeth

    You rock girlfriend!!!

  • Thelma Chimani

    You look good, SiSTAR

  • ii HeyItsCookie ii

    I need support

    I want to have a healthy lifestyle


    Great great tips!

  • pippa middleton

    my doctor told me not to eat too much protein and fat but unless i have a high fat diet the weight just drops off me. my father is the same, so i guess i won't change that much.

  • pippa middleton

    in my life i find people of certain types stick together. overweight people stick together and slim people stick together. i have always been a bit on the skinny side, i eat a lot but don't put on weight. its not as bad it was but i still struggle to keep my weight up. i do find bigger females don't relate to me as well as skinny girls.  everyone talks about fat females problems but there is very little help for skinny females or even men.

  • Lashonda Edwards

    You helped me to get started…I WATCH U EVERY DAY SAME ONES OVER AND OVER LOL It's been 3 weeks and its been hard BUT im doing it. I'm 245lb my goal is 190lb by the end of the yr. Im married with three kids and they love my cooking and baking..LORD HELP ME  

  • Esther Sephora

    u look old!

  • LuvsHairAlot2011

    I appreciate EVERY thing you just said. Lots 90lbs this year and having that network is needful. Will be checking out PUMP UP, thanks again!

  • newly natural

    Hi! BBBD, Great video and thank you for sharing your journey! So many of us can relate to ur story and want to change.;*)

  • Miidi8787

    Could you please do a video on how you keep your hair clean (no sweat smells) and maintain your hairstyle for work during the week after vigorous workouts every morning?

  • dreghfgh

    I had a knee injury a few months ago and have already completed physical therapy. But I'm so use to doing extreme cardio workout where I step, jump and bend and now I can't jump or place too much pressure on my right knee.. Do you know any workouts I can do at home or outside that are similar to high cardio workout but with less jumping and bending?

  • MzLisaD1

    Love your positivity!! You ALWAYS speak the truth, this is why I follow you!!! You are DEFINITELY a motivational speaker!! #KeepMovin  

  • BeautifullyFree

    Everything you said is just so true!!! I no longer keep crappy junk in my house cuz i know ME and i'm trying to stay right!! I also definitely believe a body in motion stays in motion!!

  • Hannah Y

    What exercises did you start out with?

  • Laurice Blake

    Hey miss i notice and admire that u stay true to your advice. I listened attentively to your W.E.I.G.H.T. loss video and alot of what u said here was present. Thank you for ur Support to us.

  • Denisha Spivey

    I love her!;)♥‿♥⊙﹏⊙

  • Denisha Spivey

    I love her!;)♥‿♥⊙﹏⊙

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