How To Start A Knitting Blog : Circular CO for Pi Shawl

How To Start A Knitting Blog Video

How To Start A Knitting Blog

Circular CO for Pi Shawl

Circular CO for Pi Shawl

This is a secure invisible cast on for starting a Pi Shawl or any other circular project. Worked on two 24″ circular needles

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Suzanne’s Blog – Pi Shawl


  • kl ng

    Dear Suzanne, your channel is so wonderful. Thank you so much for posting all these useful and wonderful instruction. <3<3<3

  • Juanita Crane

    Excellent tutorial. One of the best. Thanks. Juanita. 👏

  • Billy0721

    Excellent tutorial, Suzanne. My mother has asked me to make her some round placemats, so I will be putting this to good use very soon unless I decide to use short rows instead. I've tried projects with a central CO before (usually just playing around with ideas in my head), but I didn't know about the double wrap so I'll definitely make use of that. When I've done flat circular projects before, I had problems getting a whole circle's worth of stitches onto my needle, but I didn't think to use 2 needles. That would have to work better. 🙂 Can you also use dpns for this, or are circular needles strongly recommended?

  • mixedandnot

    Beautiful instructions and videography.  Why did you cast on 9 instead of 10 or any other even number?  Just curious!

  • jolynn White

    Mesmerizing method y are skilled and a treasure to watch. Happy Easter season

  • Virginie B.

    Oh perfect in time, I'm going to star my first pi shawl soon ^^

  • Michelle Forbes

    What a treasure you are. Michelle UK

  • Laura Giroudiere

    Thank you for this vidéo. It si so clear !

  • Sovanna Pom

    Hello! I like to follow your work. You have a very nice idea. Thanks a lot. 😘

  • Just Having Fun

    So clear. Thank you.

  • Kim McComas

    This is a fantastic cast on and great video! I tried the single loop last year and ended up making the double loop for structure. I don't understand why anyone would start the center of a pi shawl any other way! Thanks for so many videos that bring my skills to the next level.

  • Nancy Johnston

    Thank you for another great video. Other people who post videos for knitting should watch yours and learn how to do them. When I've tried the double ring before I gave it up and took the tail through the stitches to make it double. I will keep working on it. You made it much more clear how to do it.

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