How To Start A Vegan Blog : ZERO WASTE HOUSE TOUR • Tips to Start…

How To Start A Vegan Blog Video

How To Start A Vegan Blog


ZERO WASTE HOUSE TOUR • Tips to Start...

For Part 2 of my Zero Waste Challenge, I decided to do some research on how a “true” zero-waster lives! Chloé was kind enough to open her home to me and show how it’s done.
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* Watch Part 1 of my Zero Waste Challenge Here:

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* Chloé also mentioned that her friend Celia of Litter Less posts Zero Waste guides to cities all around the world! To see if yours is on the list, check it out here:

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  • GoldenPanda3x3

    She can save the seeds and start her own garden! I love gardening… 😋

  • Emaline L.

    Loving this series Caitlin! 🙂 I agree with a lot of anons here: veganism is a lot like the zero-waste movement! You just gotta do what you can while being more conscious of what you buy/purchase in a consumerist culture. Looking forward to the next video!

  • Taylor LaVerdiere

    Such a insight! Can you do a video on the toxic think dirty app i think it was! That would be an amazing video!! Thank you

  • Melanie's Conversations

    I absolutely hate wasting anything whether it’s food or a paper towel so this video is so helpful to me. Thanks for the tour!

  • paola a.

    what was the name of the thing she used as deodorant ???

  • Baking Girl

    I dont live zero waste ,but I do try and reduce items in my home. Over the past few years I have switched a lot of my products. I only use Castile soap,vinegar, oils for cleaning. I made my own body spray and shampoo. I buy toothpaste that comes in a glass and. It's the type of lifestyle that once you start you cant stop ! I started more so out of wanting to "green" my life and it kind of resulted in minimalism and zero waste as well 😎👍🤛

  • Lucia Bustamante

    The discussion on zero waste vs little waste got me thinking on how that can reflect on veganism as well. Personally, due to cultural reasons and very bad anemia, I could never fully transition to a vegan diet, even though its efforts to reduce environmental damage and animal cruelty really resonate with me. I tend to eat animal products once a week or during special ocassions, but the rest of the time I try to consume plant based meals. I often get teased by my friends and family about “how I need to stop fake being a vegan when Im not”, and that is true, Im not a vegan but I feel like my efforts count, even if the best I can do at this point in time may not be 100% vegan. Perhaps that would also be a way to make a vegan diet more approachable to a standard diet, just like “little waste” is a more approachable view of the zero waste movement.

  • Bianca Jingles

    P.S an easy way to get glass jars is to clean out and reuse nut butter jars, pickle jars, coconut oil jars, and tomato sauce ones! Since coconut oil is a staple in my house we have a lot of jars now that we use for overnight oats and just drinking out of them too!

  • Bianca Jingles

    I loved this video! And that zucchini was insane I thought it was a long watermelon! I’ve also been on a journey to reduce my waste but I agree with Chloe that it isn’t a lifestyle that’s feasible to everyone because the initial investment of produce bags, reusable shopping bags, glass jars, travel mugs, metal straws can get pretty steep! But it’s all about doing the best you can because any improvement helps a lot. Just being in the mindset alone where you’re conscious about how much plastic you bring into your home and the food waste you produce is a step in the right direction. Great video! ❤️

  • Laura M

    9-5?☺️ That‘d be a dream! In Switzerland 8-6 is the norm (and that’s way below average, most people work more)

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