Meg Says How To Start A Blog : My 5 Resolutions/Goals For 2017 | Meg Says

Meg Says How To Start A Blog Video

Meg Says How To Start A Blog

My 5 Resolutions/Goals For 2017 | Meg Says

My 5 Resolutions/Goals For 2017 | Meg Says

Making resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead is one of my favourite things to do – here’s what I’ve got planned for 2017! ♥

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P.S. The gorgeous flowers in the background are letterbox flowers from Bloom & Wild – these are ‘The Adele’ and I bought ’em for myself as a 15% off code (TLC) dropped into my inbox. LOVE!

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Thank you so much for watching, that alone means the world to me! ♥

Love, Meg x


  • Leighanne Sheila

    "are you free next week" like literally are you, your like a breath of fresh air meg 🙂 x

  • Anaid K.C.

    This is soooo crazy!!! Omg…….makes one think!!! So I FEEL the same exact way about everything in my life and about myself as you have expressed except we have different details of a life but the FEELINGS are exactly the same!!! WOW………. that is so coincidental!!! And it makes me feel better because I thought I was like the only person in the world that does those things or feels that way!! In fact, my 2017 word of the year is SIMPLIFY and I mean as to FOCUS my time and to-dos so that my efforts go towards the more useful and productive. I also do more for others and I am really great at helping others out than putting all that same effort on like making money and that is not good for my own success in a sense, for my own prospering. I actually heard a Hindu belief (that I know nothing about yet but it picked my interest) about how we (the people, lol) humans, have 3 ILLUSIONS, and one was feeling separate or as if we are the only ones going through something, when it's truly super common, another one was the feeling of not doing enough, and it sounds like we both feel that way, and then I forgot the other one but I think it was something about comparing ourselves. I am fascinated by hearing about those 3 illusions and then seeing this videos where you feel sooooo much of what I have been feeling as well in this new year (well not so new now in March) but yeah…… wow! <3 For what it's worth I think we are doing well and probably better than we think. Silly darling girl, I can tell you that you have done AMAZING, and don't pressure yourself too much. You really have done more good out in the world than you realize. So give yourself a break too. Muah! xo

  • Kati

    If you're looking for places to visit, you should come to Finland in summer! 😉 Winter in here is great too, but in my opinion the best time to visit in winter is from December to January. Summer is better time to travel to Finland, there are many beautiful cities in here like Tampere in southern Finland, just 1,5h by train from Helsinki! 🙂

  • Jessica Brown

    #5 is very real for me too!

  • earthkat

    When are you going to Edinburgh? If it's during the Fringe plan a few things to definitely go to and then have a wander and see where the day takes you.

    Prioritising wise I use a daily planner but have made my own daily planner sheets using Publisher (or any desktop publishibg software) that way I can adapt it to what I need. Also write down two lists one for urgent things and one for non urgent things and write everything you need to do in chronological order.

  • Elle Christina

    What a lovely video! xxx

  • Shani Glitz

    Talk about relationships and friendships xx advice to teenagers xx

  • Wonder Girl

    Happy new year Meg!!! I know it's kind of late but it's better now than never😂

  • Anna Swannick

    Awh Meg I loved this, you're so sweet and kind! This has been really helpful and motivational, can't wait for your videos this year❤️

  • fatima shirazi

    I couldn't with the beginning 😂

  • Moran Greenwald

    You're so sweet and genuine. I normally find these kind of videos quite boring, but this one was not! I could really relate.

  • Pink Bettas

    Please do a room tour xx
    Love youu❤❤

  • mims x

    You're so easy to watch. x

  • Marcie Rapson

    I've only just come across your channel after watching you with just jodes and oh my goodness you are such a lovely person and so beautiful! there's something about your videos I find really comforting and I'm so glad I came across you! xx

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